OptionsFor sufferers of chronic neck pain, there often seems like no way out. You hear about success stories from one individual, try their advice, and end up without any significant relief yourself. While this is often the process, it is important to never rule out any options. Neck pain can result from a number of different root causes and cannot be healed with a one size fits all treatment plan. The key is to keep your options open and pursue all opportunities for relief.

Keep Your Options Open

In your attempt to keep all options open, it is important to consider the feasibility of the following:

  • In-Home Options. In-home remedies include ice and heat, rest, posture modifications, and other lifestyle changes.
  • Medication. Over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, and injections are all options for relief from neck pain. You will likely want to follow that progression as you search for the right medication for your pain.
  • Injections. These are often used to help diagnose the specific problem.  They can also be used to help reduce pain while performing physical therapy and allowing the body to try to heal itself.
  • Surgery. While you should first determine whether lifestyle modifications or medication can make a difference, surgery is also a viable option. New, minimally invasive and accurate procedures and disc replacements have made surgery more effective than ever.

Before making a decision as to which options to pursue and which to avoid, discuss all benefits, risks, and alternatives with a doctor or medical specialist.