SurgeryIf you suffer from chronic neck pain and have not found relief from any of the treatment plans you have followed over the years, surgery may be an option. But before deciding on surgery, it is important to exhaust all other options.

Classifications of Neck Pain

Neck pain can come in a variety of different forms. Usually, though, it is classified into one of three categories that include arm pain from nerve or spinal cord compression:

  • Axial neck pain refers to soft tissue pain that results from whiplash or muscle strain degenerative disc disease, or a painful joint in the neck. This type of pain is musculoskeletal in nature and can be acute or chronic.
  • Myelopathy refers to pain resulting from spinal cord compression. This can be caused by any number of incidents or lifestyle habits and can include neck, shoulder, and arm pain, numbness, or weakness.
  • Radiculopathy is neck or arm pain resulting from nerve root compression. Symptoms are similar to that of myelopathy pain.

When to Choose Surgery

If your neck pain is chronic in nature and isn’t helped by exercise, medication, or lifestyle modification, surgery may be a good option. Also, in cases of myelopathy with spinal cord compression, surgery is usually recommended to remove the pressure and to try to prevent permanent nerve damage.  With today’s minimally invasive surgeries and accurate procedures, surgery has never been a better option. Talk with a medical specialist today to see if it’s right for you.