Neck PainWhile neck surgery was somewhat rudimentary in nature decades ago, it is now seen as a viable option for neck pain relief. It is still the most invasive pain relief solution and should be approached with careful planning, but it can certainly be effective.

Non-Invasive Options

Before making the final decision to pursue surgery, it is important to make sure you have exhausted all of your other non-invasive options. These include physical therapy, lifestyle modification, medication, and injections. In many cases, a combination of these options can provide enough relief to avoid surgery.


If surgery is definitely in your future, it is important to understand the benefits and risks before proceeding. Prior to scheduling a surgery, your doctor will discuss different procedures and provide a suggested course of action. If you feel it is necessary, you may want to receive multiple opinions.


After surgery, it is very important that you follow the instructions of your doctor. Depending on the invasiveness of the procedure, the recovery time will differ from operation to operation. You should pay attention to specific orders involving medication, exercise, and therapy.

To find out whether neck surgery is right for you, discuss all options with a medical specialist and make sure you clearly understand all potential risks and negative side effects.