Neck PainWhile neck pain can sometimes be effectively treated with exercise and standard medication, it often requires additional measures. One such measure consists of injections designed to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

What are Injections?

Injections typically consist of an acetaminophen and corticosteroid mixture and are injected directly into the site of inflammation. These injections work by reducing inflammation and improving mobility. Typically, injections work in as little as a few minutes to a few hours.

Injections for Neck Pain

For neck pain specifically, there are a number of different injections to choose from. Typical choices include facet joint injections and cervical epidural injections. The latter is designed to reduce nerve inflammation, aid healing, and ease existing symptoms. It can also provide some diagnostic information to the doctor.

Efficacy of Injections

Injections have been used for some time and have proven to be safe and healthy. Typical recovery periods range from a couple of hours to two days. While there are no major side effects, some patients experience soreness, tenderness, and bruising.

If you have tried physical therapy and traditional medication to no avail, consider injections and look into the benefits they offer. As always, discuss any treatment option with a medical specialist before proceeding.